rasymatto coated placemat
The Räsymatto pattern adorns this cotton placemat, which has a stain repellent acrylic finish on the reverse side of the fabric. Thanks to the protective finish, it is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

The Räsymatto (rag rug) pattern, inspired by allotment gardening, is linked to topical themes like sustainable living and the joy of working with your hands. Allotments, with their flower and vegetable beds, represent urban nature at its best, and a rag rug on the floor of an allotment cottage tells a colourful story of its own.
Pattern: Räsymatto

Pattern Designer:  Maija Louekari

Material: 100 % cotton-acrylic-coated 

Size: 31 x 42 cm

Colour: pink, dark blue