Celebrating 70 years of Marimekko, Marikyläläiset (Mari villagers) is a series of collectible ceramic figures by Jenni Tuominen. These everyday art pieces and practical containers tell us a tale of the whimsical Mari village and its many lively characters. The Marikyläläiset collectibles are made of white stoneware.

The Marikyläläiset  series combines Jenni Tuominen's playful style with the functionality of the Oiva tableware, designed by Sami Ruotsalainen, The lower part of each figure is a familar Oiva item.  The figures were produced as a small-scale special edition. 

The Raita-Armi jar’s bottom half is a familiar Oiva dish. The Marikyläläiset collectibles are painted partly by hand, making each product a unique piece. The product is packed in the anniversary package.

Figure: Raita-Armi

Material: white stoneware 

Colour: white, black, gray (198) glazed stoneware

Size: 11.5 cm diameter x 22.5 cm high