$195.00 $255.00
$195.00 $255.00

Made from a recycled wool and cotton blend, this soft blanket features the classic Kaivo pattern in off white and beige. The blanket is made with a jacquard knit and it has a crepe weave on the surface and fringes on the ends. The colours on the one side of the blanket are a reverse of the colours on the other side.

Maija Isola got the idea for the Kaivo (well) pattern when she was fetching water from a well. Having dropped the bucket into the well, she watched how rippling circles formed on the surface of the water.  

Pattern: Kaivo

Pattern designer:  Maija Isola

Material:  35% Wool, 35% Cotton, 25% Polyamide, 5% other fibres 

Colour: off white and beige

Size: 140 x 180 cm