The artist line-up


Licaxxx (DJ)

Licaxxx is a Tokyo based DJ, music producer, editor, and a radio personality. Her music style mainly focuses on techno and house aiming to manipulate the tension of the dance floor. She has played in prestigious Boiler Room Tokyo in 2016. The video of her performance has been streamed over 400,000 times. For Marimekko’s anniversary event she’s playing from distinguished club called SPREAD in Tokyo.

Licaxxx is a founder and host of ”Tokyo Community Radio”, a pirate video stream radio inspired by Gilles Peterson, bringing out local DJs. While focusing on young talents, one of the goals of TCR is to become a place providing interaction between international talents and local Japanese DJs. Licaxxx also produces ambient music which has been used in shows and campaigns of fashion brands. 

The DJ gig of Licaxxx is a start of long-lasting collaboration between Marimekko and her. Stay alert, there’s more to come later on summer!

Lxandra (LIVE)

Lxandra has been building a name for herself over the last few years with her cinematic sound, distinctive vocals, and clever songwriting. Lxandra grew up on the small island of Suomenlinna, Finland – attending a music high school in neighboring Helsinki, before making the move to Berlin, Germany. It’s in Berlin where she found an escape from the reality of her own.

Singles “Sideways” & “Sabotage” are the latest taste of her upcoming album.  Fans will already know her alt-pop "Who", the smooth “Glide”, the reflective “Other People” and the album title track “Careful What I Dream Of”. The album promises to surpass her lauded EP “Another Lesson Learned”, which saw the likes of Refinery 29, Notion, Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit & Clash back her early.

Launching her career and sharing her eclectic, folk-influenced noir-pop with stirring singles “Hush Hush Baby” and “Dig Deep”, Lxandra has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi (LIVE)

Psychedelic pop artist, Jaakko Eino Kalevi is perhaps one of the most internationally recognized Finnish artists of the moment He is the first Nordic artist to be recording for the international indie record label Domino, or more closely to sub-label Weird World. The eighth album Dissolution was released in 2019 and recognized by one of the world’s most prestigious music medias, Pitchfork. Now Jaakko Eino Kalevi is working on new music again. 

For the Marimekko's 70th anniversary we will see a unique visual gig experience conceived by JEK himself directly from Athens, where he lives. Don’t miss out!


AHO is solo-project of Helsinki-based composer and producer Matti Ahopelto. With his new debut album NOWINTER NOSUMMER, he dives deep in the world of ambient and IDM. With music to make your heart bloom and break, the nine-track album delivers these sentiments in an alluring and anesthetic way. Against a backdrop of simmering electronics, the producer brings in organic instruments to tie it all together.

Ahopelto is a distinguished composer and producer in advertising and film music and has been producing music for Marimekko's fashion shows and campaigns for close to a decade.

Misha (LIVE)

Misha is a Finnish beatmaker and producer. He lives in Helsinki and has roots in Ukraine. In May 2018 he released his producer debut Feel through Chillhop Music – one of the leading tastemakers in the instrumental hip-hop scene. After a couple of releases via Chillhop Music, Misha followed up with his debut EP named Midnight Sun, which was very well received in the beat scene and made it to the EP Top 5 on BBC Radio 1Xtra. 

10M+ streams and support from Jamz Supernova and Okayplayer means he’s one to keep your eyes on. Currently he is working on a new EP to be released in early Spring of 2021.

Bobby Oroza (LIVE/DJ)

The world conquest of Helsinki-based Bobby Oroza started from the hit, This Love, which could be titled as a modern classic of Finnish retro soul. The song succeeded in soul circles of the west coast of the United States and found its way as a sample to a song by world-class hip hop artist Earl Sweatshirt called Hat Trick / Human Error. Sweatshirt’s YouTube recording has well exceeded the mark of million streams.

In 2018, Bobby Oroza signed a four-album record deal with renowned Brooklyn-based Big Crown Records, which resulted in the release of the debut album “This Love” in May 2019. 

The tremendous success has taken Bobby and his band to the world at such a pace that the Finnish audience has been almost left out.

Ringa Manner (LIVE)

The multi-talented Ringa Manner has become acquainted with the band Pintandwefall, as a singer with the hugely popular band Ruusut and with her solo project The Hearing. Her unique sound experimenting with different techniques, is also familiar from many collaborations with, among others, rapper Paperi T and Jori Sjöroos' ROOX. Her solo project The Hearing was selected in 2020 at the first Indie Awards as the Artist / Band of the Year. 

Now Ringa Manner is working on a new solo project under his own name Ringa Manner that we’ll get a rare taster of.

Jimi Tenor (LIVE)

Musician and composer Jimi Tenor has never settled for the traditional role of a pop artist. He is known as a productive musician whose work lies beyond current trends, and as a performer who combines the finest elements of Afro-American music, spontaneous silliness, and shameless glamour in an original way.

The electro-mechanic instruments built by Jimi Tenor and designer Matti Knaapi emerge from musical needs and are mainly made of scrap material. Although Tenor spent all the 90s in Berlin, New York, London and Barcelona, his artistic approach is typically Finnish: technically practical, but saturated with black humor and a national romantic tone. Today he likes to operate outside the mainstream.

His audience consists of clubbers and alternative rock enthusiasts looking for new perspective, but also of jazz and funk rebels. Those who understand that even unconventional pop music can move your body and heart.

Handshaking (LIVE)

Handshaking is a special project of Fedja Kamari. Finnish music enthusiasts know him from rap- and grime-duo Töölön Ketterä, as well as his well-known DJ and live gigs. The pop and house-toned debut album Garden Clogs was released on March 26th bringing new perspectives to Finnish electronic dance music. The album shakes the rigid mindset, purism, and unwritten rules associated with the genre. 

Electronic music doesn’t have to be weird or hard to approach. Handshaking’s agenda is to make it easier to understand.

Hanna Ojanen (DJ)

DJ Hanna Ojanen is a lover of disco and a former resident of Tokyo’s Aoyama Tunnel. She is back in her hometown Helsinki to share her favorite memories of nights past. In Helsinki you would have most likely catched her from clubs like Post Bar and Kaiku or Flow Festival.

 Her set will focus on fun disco gems from the 70s and around. She invites all to enjoy and let go.

New Ro (LIVE)

New Ro is a Helsinki based singer, songwriter, and producer before known as Ronya. She is known for her heavenly vocal skills, empowering lyrics, and her colorful personality.  Since 2019, New Ro has gravitated towards writing and producing solo – her approach has seen her blossom creatively, thus creating a unique sound. Her secret weapon is her sense of humor and she never fails to entertain her followers with her comedy chops. Her debut album “late bloomer” shows us a fully realized version of this cheeky songstress in a compelling and relatable package.

 New Ro mixes modern pop and r’n’b influences with 80’s and 90’s nostalgia. She builds infectious rhythms and never fails to write a killer hook and catchy melodies.  

Sansibar (DJ)

Sansibar is a Helsinki based producer and DJ. With a wide background in music, he makes mind-warping mutant club music in underground conduits of his mind. He hosts a bi-monthly radio program ”Sin Sistema” on IDA Radio and spins as a resident In Kaiku and Post Bar. He’s played around the world from big festival to intimate club gigs. By manipulating rhythms and frequencies he turns the intergalactic cosmic rays to a sonic voyage from above to below. 

Previously Sansibar has released music in a diverse output on labels such Natural Sciences, Émotsiya, Darknet, Avoidance to name a few. 2021 will see a lot of upcoming releases – Keep your eyes and ears peeled and get a sneak peek at Marimekko’s anniversary event!