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    Designed by Carina Seth Andersson, Marimekko’s minimalistic vases and candle holders are made of mouthblown glass. The vase selection presents you Flower, Mini, Ming, Umpu, and Urna, and the candle holders are named Fyr, Butticula, and Puteli.

    20 products
    umpu vase green
    urna vase - clear
    seireeni ceramic vase
    mint flower vase
    umpu butterscotch vase
    urna vase smoke
    rasymatto ceramic vase terra
    flower vase -caramel
    umpu vase cream
    umpu vase clay
    puteli candle holder clay
    flower vase- midnight blue
    urna vase coral
    umpu vase clear
    butticula moss green - candle holder
    puteli candle holder powder
    puteli candle holder clear
    fyr candle holder clear
    ming vase glassware & candle holders home
    ming vase
    flower vase -clear
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