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Shen Tanaka - Dreaming Big


In 2019, Zanita Whittington takes us on a journey around the world to meet creatives who are bold by nature.


Shen Tanaka is an illustrator, model and actor based in Tokyo, Japan. Zanita sat down with Shen to discuss inspiration, dreams and bold choices.


The film was shot in Toyko in Yooyogi Park, Nakano, Shibuya Scramble, Shimokitazawa and Shinjuku.


Shen encourages people of all ages to dream big - and go for it. Expressing herself through her artwork and playful style, she is setting an example for others to follow. 



In the film, Shen is seen wearing her favorite pieces from Marimekko's fall/winter 2019 collection.
"I go to cafes a lot and what I do is people watching. I imagine how their lives are and put that into my drawings." - Shen Tanaka

Join the journey - #boldbynature


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